At Be-Hive This is our Ambition !.

Create new homes with zero bills, free heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation and power Eradicate the buildings carbon footprint and noxious emission down to virtually nothing Fully integrate renewable technologies into any standard new house or development Create the perfect living space with the healthiest possible in-home living environment Give home owners that feel good factor of living in an environmentally friendly home Satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your bit to preserve our planet for future generations .

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Be-Hive the Renewable Fusion Solution!.

The Be-Hives unique design makes full use of the free natural heat and coolant from different weather conditions and temperatures as well as ground conditions.

It helps cool the home in summer and heat it in winter. It can extract up to 80% of energy created by Solar PV Panels, not just the 10% of energy used on most standard Photovoltaic installations completed today!

The Be-Hive is designed to work with any Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery system, bringing cool air in from the shaded North in summer and warm air in from the South in winter.

It can utilise the vast amount of free heat from under the Solar PV to help heat the home and reduce its heat demand as well as increase the efficiencies of the PV by 10 to 15%.

The Be-Hive will make any ground source heat pump more efficient by as much as 40% and can reduce the installation cost by up to half. There is also a Be-Hive Air that can heat smaller homes.

Installing a Be-Hive ground or air along with Solar PV and a heat pump would mean that around 80% of the homes heating, hot water and cooling demands can be meet for free as its powered by the solar energy.

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A new energy efficient home that could be completely free to run, saving energy, money and the environment! Get In Touch

Be-Hive Winter.

Lets make everything a bit smarter.

Another benefit of the Be-Hive Solar is in winter should the PV panels get covered by snow they will stop working, with the flick of a button the Be-Hive can help clear the snow away. .

Smart Solar

Ground Source Heat Pump

The Ground Source Het Pump by Vaillant looks very similar to a conventional gas boiler .
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Be-Hive Solar

Uses 80% of the energy created by the Solar PV, not just the 8 to 10% used today on most standard Photovoltaic installations.


Be-Hive Air

The Be-Hive Air is basically a small Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) that is built into the Be-Hive, exceptionally efficient.


Be-Hive Ground

The Be-Hive Ground works in the same way as the BHA except it uses a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and this requires a collector.


Recent Projects


One of two houses built by Mentmore homes

Each house has two GSHP one 3Kw and the other a 8Kw. As well as the MVHR ventilations system and Be-Hive Ground that is also connected to the Solar PV with heat recovery.


One of 5 Houses Completed in a plot

This property has a Be-Hive Solar working with a Vaillant 8Kw GSHP 3Kw solar PV with heat recovery and Airflow MVHR Ventilation system.

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